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what is sildenafil aurochem?

Query: what is sildenafil aurochem? it’s a soft tablet a hundred mg. Reply: Answer by pecola princepessait is viagra sildenafil is the generic name for viagra and aurochem is the pharmacuetical firm that producers this medication Give your reply to this query below!

Does alcohol contribute to impotence??

Query: Does alcohol contribute to impotence?? Hi, im a 21 12 months outdated male, and believe it or not im a really powerful drinker. just lately i went out with a girl and i had numerous drinks, despite the fact that i didnt turn out to be completely intoxicated, and actually genuinely only a bit buzzed. we went and noticed …Read more »

how to remedy erectile disfunction?

Question: how to solve erectile disfunction? Reply: Response by Jakobice yo sack. Add your personal response in the comments! When the minute is appropriate, Bum Doctor, M.D. is there to support a young couple.

what the effect of sildenafil on glutathione ?

Question: what the effect of sildenafil on glutathione ? the degree of icreasing or reducing Reply: Response by hiten_lakraI acquire my generic viagra medicine from this web site Include your personal reply in the feedback!

A query about impotence…?

Query: A question about impotence…? I know that when a man wakes up in the morning, it is organic and regular, and maybe involuntary for him to have an errection. But if he is impotent, is it even now feasible to have an errection in the morning? Thanks for you solutions. Solution: Reply by bgee2001caIt is very achievable, and it …Read more »

what is erectile dysfunction?

Question: what is erectile dysfunction? and what leads to that? Response: Answer by bigguyYOUR DICK Won’t GET Hard WHY? Usually YOUR Outdated. OR YOU HAVE DIABETES, HIVS,AIDS. Ideal Know better? Leave your own solution in the comments!

Female Viagra (Sildenafil)?


Query: Female Viagra (Sildenafil)? Female Viagra (Sildenafil) is scientifically formulated to offer extreme sexual fulfillment for females? Answer: Response by Maxwellthe only branded Female Viagra I have ever heard about is LOVEGRA Lovegra┬« is scientifically formulated to provide intense sexual fulfillment for girls searching for greatest pleasure. Lovegra┬« works by escalating genital blood movement and vaginal compliance resulting in …Read more »

Inquiries and Solutions: Is impotence curable?

Question: Is impotence curable? Answer: Solution by M a n u e L ai consider it is.but i am not a medical doctor and i can’t tell you for positive. contact someone who can tell you a lot more.but today medication is well can purchase a copy of you, why not to remedy impotence?:) be happy and don’yt worry:) …Read more »


Question: Erection?? Anytime i get an erection it goes straight up! Will it be like this for my entire lifestyle?? Response: Solution by cherylyes Give your response to this query under!

Is Kamagra effective?

Query: Is Kamagra efficient? Is it secure to purchase from a mexican pharmacy? Any tips? Answer: Reply by Blues ManAs secure as any other. Successful if U will not drink with it. I located U some web sites that you might to contemplate as well. kamagra low cost, buy 2 packs get 2 free of charge. Sale is on. Acquire …Read more »