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What is the action of viagra on CVS, and on what receptors it acts?

Question: What is the action of viagra on CVS, and on what receptors it acts? Response: Answer by Loving_HeartSildenafil (Viagra) is a extremely selective and potent inhibitor of the breakdown of guanosine three,five,-cyclic monophosphate (cGMP) by its particular phosphodiesterase isoenzyme (PDE5 Wallis et al., 1999), and is used in the therapy of erectile dysfunction (not too long ago reviewed by …Read more »

Does smoking result in impotence?

Query: Does smoking trigger impotence? Does smoking lead to impotence?, & if yes, does quitting smoking remedy it? Answer: Answer by JNSIt can, but it is not the only trigger of impotence. Nicotine brings about the vessels to constrict, decreasing the blood movement to the penis, inhibiting erection. If you do smoke quit!!! What do you feel? Reply beneath!

quit/reduce erection?


by The British Library Query: quit/reduce erection? how do you stop or lessen erection Reply: Answer by ѕтіlldǿllstop/reduce ur fantasies Know much better? Depart your very own answer in the feedback!

Is kamagra ED Drugg most successful?

Question: Is kamagra ED Drugg most powerful? Kamagra Tablets are the best to consume if you are struggling from the Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence. This aids in the effective working of the smooth muscles in the penis that would assist them to chill out and would tremendously increase the blood movement to the penis that helps in sustaining an …Read more »

Impotence in younger men?


Question: Impotence in young guys? I’m a 25 yr old and I am getting impotency issues. My ex and I nonetheless have typical intercourse and I have no difficulty getting an erection with my ex, but every time I’m with someone new I have a dilemma receiving it up, and when it does get up it goes proper back down. …Read more »

Vasectomy Erectile Dysfunction?

Query: Vasectomy Erectile Dysfunction? My boyfriend had a vasectomy accomplished all around 7 years ago….he just recently got divorced and has been with me for a couple of months now…..he says that he has had this issue soon after he acquired the vasectomy done….his ex-wife is a hefty female and he said that she did not turn him on and …Read more »

viagra ?

Query: viagra ? dose watermelon have the identical affect as viagra if so how much of it do i have to eat and how prolonged dose it consider to have an impact and how extended will it final. Answer: Solution by glistam3I did go through about this lately. It is not a solid scientific idea, and there are doubts that …Read more »

Ladies only – medication for impotence?


Query: Ladies only – medication for impotence? If your husband or boyfriend suffers from impotence and has taken any medicines for it, e.g, Cialiis, Viagra, etc. which 1 of individuals medicines appeared to support or be efficient. Nothing kinky please – just give me the facts! Answer: Reply by Violet PearlHe ought to just get some testosterone from a medical …Read more »

Compression Shorts and Erections?


by The British Library Query: Compression Shorts and Erections? I get lots of erections and are wondering if I wore compressions shorts it would hide them. Can i get your feedback and which brands and retailers (I reside in australia)… TA Answer: Response by life4smileThere is so a lot of leads to of the dysfunction erection of guy. one. Organic, …Read more »

e + viagra = ?


Question: e + viagra = ? what are there dangers for a man to get viagra while on e? Answer: Response by david pa horny erected eight==========D Know far better? Depart your own answer in the feedback! jajaja q kja de video ome gocenla àrceros.