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Lady taking Viagra…?

Query: Girl taking Viagra…? Medical professionals identified that I have a blood clot in my appropriate index finger, restricting blood flow to the tip. They have prescribed viagra to open up the arteries and develop far more blood movement to the finger. My query is, any other women on Viagra? Must I be embarrased? lol Reply: Reply by mlwaspI was …Read more »

How to confirm on impotence? Please assist!!!?


Query: How to confirm on impotence? Please help!!!? Hello! I am 24 yrs old. Received married 5 months back (arranged marriage). My marriage is not consummated but. I had few doubts so i consulted a doctor in Dubai and as per the healthcare reports and the medical doctor, he is largely suffering from erectile dysfunction which is partially induced by …Read more »

Concerns and Solutions: Do i have erectile dysfunction?

Question: Do i have erectile dysfunction? Okay so anytime ppl flirt with me sexually i often turn them down due to the fact im afraid i wont be able to get hard. When i get an erection i get lengthy and hardish but im not like difficult as a rock. And since im often a tiny anxious about sex, i …Read more »

You Acquired Viagra?

Question: You Received Viagra? In which can I uncover Real Viagra, for low cost, without a prescription? Answer: Solution by constantly appropriateu can attempt by asking some of your good friend or the back of any ally, but i dont feel u can get Viagra with out a prescription Include your own answer in the feedback!

did masturbation makes penis tiny & impotence?

Query: did masturbation makes penis tiny & impotence? hi my buddy is male and now he is 30, he utilized to masturbate 4 occasions in a week previous 15 many years, he commenced at the age of 14, his penis size when erection is only 5inch’s. Is he impotent.On march his marriage is engaged. Can he survive with the 5inch’s …Read more »

Do I have Erectile Dysfunction?

Query: Do I have Erectile Dysfunction? I employed to masturbate usually, on common twice a day everyday, and now I am striving to quit. I have no difficulty obtaining an erection, but when I am in bed with somebody It is never a hundred% and it is quite hard to get penetration. I also ejaculate quite quickly, as well swiftly, …Read more »

Inquiries about Viagra?


Question: Queries about Viagra? Hello, I just ordered the 50mg from The MED Shop . com and it will be my 1st time trying them. I wished to ask these who have knowledgeable taking Viagra just a number of questions so I can prepare myself for the “shock.” 1. Soon after you, personally, have taken Viagra, how long does it …Read more »

Paxil or Zoloft leads to impotence?

Query: Paxil or Zoloft triggers impotence? I read that the two Paxil and zoloft are utilized to deal with premature ejaculation PE. Do not they lead to ED or impotence as a side result???? Has anyone utilised both of them and was ED a probem???? Response: Solution by skylark042000y. i believe it says that onthe fine print that comes with …Read more »

25 & lost erections?

Query: 25 & lost erections? I am 25 and recently I have stopped having erections ( last 2 months), considering that the time I have began with my 2nd job, plus I am a virgin. I utilized to get sturdy erections until sometime back now I dont know what is the problem ? Solution: Answer by Dr DitzyIf you get …Read more »

Queries and Answers: name other drug that perform better than viagra?


Query: name other drug that function better than viagra? Answer: Reply by mynerd78cocaine What do you think? Answer below! Kamagra tablets packs (ten) Record Value: $ 78.00 Value: