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what is the pill sildenafil used for and is it any good.?

Query: what is the pill sildenafil used for and is it any good.? e.d. medication Reply: Solution by changeyourmindandstaysildenafil is the generic title of viagra Give your response to this query beneath!

how do impotence currently being cured?

Query: how do impotence getting cured? Response: Answer by David WHuh? Is that a query? Give your answer to this question below!

Concerns and Answers: Medicine to manage erections?


by The British Library Query: Medicine to manage erections? I am a male (nude) model I often encounter the troubles of beginning to get an erection when I’m in a pose. Is there a medication I could consider that would keep me from obtaining erections? Solution: Solution by I dislike Y!A Trolls. get a lifeclean the pipes. honestly, it functions. …Read more »

initial time viagra?????????

Query: very first time viagra????????? my guy purchased two viagra tablets… im asking yourself how he must take these, this kind of as when, and how a lot of? will it operate for the 1st time..hes never taken it ahead of? also what are the wellness risks concerned? also, can alcohol deter the effects? Reply: Solution by floonableBelieve on this. …Read more »

Low intercourse drive and feeling of impotence?


Question: Minimal intercourse drive and feeling of impotence? I am a 31 yr outdated male. nonetheless single. had *** just 3 times in my existence time. last time i had it this feb. it didnt go well. prior to that i was going by way of a main emotional dilemma of my daily life. even just before that feb incident …Read more »

Death erection?


Query: Death erection? Is there genuinely a such point as a death erection? Response: Solution by Sugar, Spice, & Super WonderfulHaha…wow What do you feel? Solution under! Ikea industrial: Shock erection for wife Another very innovative IKEA commercial. Video Rating: five / five

Questions and Solutions: Viagra………………….?

Query: Viagra………………….? Have you tried viagra prior to, what occurs if you consider it and you dont want it? Response: Answer by Stacejeff! if u are under 40 many years previous.. youre not allowed to ask this question… YA rules about making use of viagra! What do you feel? Response below! Roll above on Viagra.

can masturbation lead to impotence and stroke?

Query: can masturbation cause impotence and stroke? it can damage some brain cell which support as in maintaining issues in thoughts Answer: Answer by Jasmine szakmarycertain can. Give your response to this question under!

Masturbation with soft erections?

Question: Masturbation with soft erections? sometimes i masturbate with soft erections(generally 2nd or 3rd time in a day)….frequently for the duration of the 3rd masturbation session i fail to get complete erection,is this a overall health issue?.Will this sort of masturbation without having full erection result in any significant problems in future ??? plz help.thank you. wow great reply future …Read more »

How do I use viagra?

Question: How do I use viagra? I am 19 and I have been getting erection problems. I went to see the medical doctor these days, he did a testosterone blood test and I will get the final results back in a week. In the suggest time he has provided me a sample of viagra. It truly is one particular blue …Read more »