can masturbation lead to impotence and stroke?

Query: can masturbation cause impotence and stroke?
it can damage some brain cell which support as in maintaining issues in thoughts


Answer by Jasmine szakmary
certain can.

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5 thoughts on “can masturbation lead to impotence and stroke?

  1. If it did, it would be the number one killer of teens ages 13-18. Please.

  2. Masturbation does not cause any physical damage. You are not well informed by whoever or whatever has given you this information. A nun or a priest, perhaps?

  3. Effects of Illness or Disability

    Although illness or disability can affect sexuality, even the most serious conditions shouldn’t stop you from having a satisfying sex life.

    Heart disease. Many people who have had a heart attack are afraid that having sex will cause another attack. The risk of this is very low. Follow your doctor’s advice. Most people can start having sex again 12 to 16 weeks after an attack.
    Diabetes. Most men with diabetes do not have problems, but it is one of the few illnesses that can cause impotence. In most cases medical treatment can help.
    Stroke. Sexual function is rarely damaged by a stroke and it is unlikely that sexual exertion will cause another stroke. Using different positions or medical devices can help make up for any weakness or paralysis.

  4. Actually it helps prevent impotence, a lot.
    It helps prevent stroke.
    The extra breathing and accelerated heart action (like exercise) helps get more oxygen to your brain to help it stay healthy and that is good for all your brain cells.
    It relieves stress which helps your mind and brain work better and that also makes remembering things easier.

    I promise.