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Concerns and Answers: Medicine to manage erections?


by The British Library Query: Medicine to manage erections? I am a male (nude) model I often encounter the troubles of beginning to get an erection when I’m in a pose. Is there a medication I could consider that would keep me from obtaining erections? Solution: Solution by I dislike Y!A Trolls. get a lifeclean the pipes. honestly, it functions. …Read more »

Death erection?


Query: Death erection? Is there genuinely a such point as a death erection? Response: Solution by Sugar, Spice, & Super WonderfulHaha…wow What do you feel? Solution under! Ikea industrial: Shock erection for wife Another very innovative IKEA commercial. Video Rating: five / five

Masturbation with soft erections?

Question: Masturbation with soft erections? sometimes i masturbate with soft erections(generally 2nd or 3rd time in a day)….frequently for the duration of the 3rd masturbation session i fail to get complete erection,is this a overall health issue?.Will this sort of masturbation without having full erection result in any significant problems in future ??? plz help.thank you. wow great reply future …Read more »

Questions and Answers: what give guys random erections?

Query: what give guys random erections? like at school…when i see them, i believe they may well have an erection. like at P.E. (fitness center) class, when theyy’re sporting fitness center shorts. im guessing its less difficult to see an erection through fitness center shorts, cuz i see bulges in some of them…is that an erection?? and why?? is it …Read more »

Erectile dysfunction?

Question: Erectile dysfunction? so 2 days ago I masturbated..but I could not really get an erection, it was soft and a inch shorter than it must be.. I now cannot even get an erection, well, a extremely weak 1 that ends up turning into the challenging flaccid penis.. I’m 17, this actually has never ever took place ahead of and …Read more »



by SALTOnline Query: Erections? How can i keep away from getting erections in the course of health club class in the pool and in the showers. yes I am gay and a man Response: Response by Navid Cdont search at the other folks………. Give your solution to this query below! When you want an Air Creating there is only a …Read more »

What totally free natural treatment can be employed for erectile dysfunction?

Query: What cost-free organic remedy can be utilized for erectile dysfunction? Enlarged prostate, Erectile dysfunction Solution: Response by onlymatch4uThere are a number of issues in play in regard to the prostate and erectile dysfunction. It is crucial to understand that Cholesterol is the base for making ALL of your steroid hormones. The steroid hormones incorporate your sex hormones, like testosterone. …Read more »

is it erectile dysfunction, please aid.?

Query: is it erectile dysfunction, please support.? kk so ive been possessing intercourse with the identical girl for two years. im always difficult even just before we start producing out. we broke up. meet my highschool sweat heart but couldnt get it up. even when she was entirely naked. ultimately received this woman ive talking for 3 months and… practically …Read more »

How to get harder ERECTIONS?


by The British Library Query: How to get more difficult ERECTIONS? I am 13 and i want to train my penis muscle from know to allow me get a more difficult ERECTION & it must lasts for longer. Is there any workout actions for me to get a Harder ERECTION? Can i start from now? Does it have any side …Read more »

Erectile Dysfunction a 12 months soon after circumcision?

Question: Erectile Dysfunction a 12 months right after circumcision? I have a male good friend who in no way had any erection problems ahead of getting circumsized. In late 2012 he received the method carried out. Almost everything healed fine. He explained sex was a small distinct, but nothing at all to be upset more than. Quickly forward a 12 …Read more »