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Recovering From Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction?

Question: Recovering From Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction? I’ve been studying up about it a great deal, but haven’t received the response I am hunting for. Fundamentally, i employed to masturbate/observe porn about once a day. And i observed that i would never get an erection when I am about a girl. So i stopped viewing porn/masturbating about 4 days ago and …Read more »

Erectile Dysfunction or Functionality Anxiety?

Question: Erectile Dysfunction or Functionality Nervousness? I’m a 21 12 months old male virgin and I have been possessing difficulties getting an erection for intercourse with my girlfriend. I have a decent erection all all through foreplay but when it comes to putting the condom on it just goes limp. This also happened about a year in the past when …Read more »

Query about Erection Problems?

Question: Question about Erection Problems? So up till the earlier October I would get erections just as considerably as any other teen. Nonetheless, because then I have not really been in a position to get one if I attempt. If I do it truly is generally not complete. I’m attracted to females, or atleast I usually have been lol. But …Read more »

im 14 and have erectile dysfunction?

Question: im 14 and have erectile dysfunction? effectively, i know a whole lot of you guys wouldnt be possessing any sexual activities at my age. but i had this girl naked, she was like two many years older. i couldnt get a boner, i had to actually pretend, while in bed, i would jerk myself off striving to get one …Read more »



by The British Library Query: erections…? okay trust me when i say this, my good friend thats a man would like to no this… he needs to no why guys get erections each morning…? Solution: Response by .It truly is a side result caused by holding your urine Add your personal solution in the comments! Check run 2 x detroit …Read more »

Any useful tips for erectile dysfunction?

Query: Any useful guidelines for erectile dysfunction? Since I was 18 i have had difficulties preserving an erection, I’m now 27. I also have and anxiousness disorder which I know is a single of the principal difficulties. Does anybody have any guidelines that will help. I have experimented with viagra, it operates but I do not want to have to …Read more »

whey protein & erection?

Query: whey protein & erection? im fine at receiving erections and they last a lot when im by myself, but when im with my girl in the course of sex i usually drop it. I hear that whey protein can help out with this, is it true? Reply: Response by YeechThat is crap. Try vodka to place a minor lead …Read more »

Difficulties with erection?


by The British Library Query: Issues with erection? I am twenty, 5’11″, and 200 lbs. Every time I first commence possessing sex, my erection is truly tough, but after a couple minutes, as soon as my heart charge increases, my erection commences to go away. As lengthy as my hear charge doesnt go up my erection is fine Solution: Answer …Read more »

quit/reduce erection?


by The British Library Query: quit/reduce erection? how do you stop or lessen erection Reply: Answer by ѕтіlldǿllstop/reduce ur fantasies Know much better? Depart your very own answer in the feedback!

Vasectomy Erectile Dysfunction?

Query: Vasectomy Erectile Dysfunction? My boyfriend had a vasectomy accomplished all around 7 years ago….he just recently got divorced and has been with me for a couple of months now…..he says that he has had this issue soon after he acquired the vasectomy done….his ex-wife is a hefty female and he said that she did not turn him on and …Read more »