Concerns and Answers: Medicine to manage erections?

Query: Medicine to manage erections?
I am a male (nude) model I often encounter the troubles of beginning to get an erection when I’m in a pose. Is there a medication I could consider that would keep me from obtaining erections?


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clean the pipes. honestly, it functions. jack off one or twice and itll be a lot harder to get a single. + if u didnt know it already you final longer ]

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Self assist, the Lovecrafts type. This song tells you how to hide an undesired erection. Based mostly on a correct story. ROCK.

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  1. i know SSRIS can cause dysfunction but its not like a….somthing ud want because it lasts all day and night so say bye bye to your boner. if u just want a temporary relief theres numbing agents u can get injected RIGHT into ur penis that makes it completly numb and useless but u cant get them without a doctor giving them to u so talk to him

  2. Yes supressex its on Saturday night live. Or you can try to think of something boring or flick your nuts a little bit so your brain can concentrate on the pain. Or play with yourself before the shoot

  3. Try drinking a couple of energy drinks before posing. This will help keep your blood flowing at a slow rate.

  4. Saltpeter or Potassium Nitrate has long been used for impotence inducement, particularly in some prisons for behavioral control reasons (it has been added to the food). However, it is not clear whether this practice is still allowed or whether doctors are recommending saltpeter as something one can use to control erections.

    Another drug shown to induce male impotence is Ketoconazole which you can read about here:

  5. Think about the ugliest chick you ever saw or an old wrinkled naked woman. If that fails, smack it with a ruler.

  6. I Don’t know really sometimes when I have an unwanted erection I just think of a ugly chick. But I heard masturbation helps. Maybe if you concentrate your mind on something else you would loose the erection