Erectile dysfunction?

Question: Erectile dysfunction?
so 2 days ago I masturbated..but I could not really get an erection, it was soft and a inch shorter than it must be.. I now cannot even get an erection, well, a extremely weak 1 that ends up turning into the challenging flaccid penis.. I’m 17, this actually has never ever took place ahead of and I’m really terrified.. I can’t even get arroused to anything at all.. Nothing at all:( I just acquired over the flu also.. What happened


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  1. See a urologist. If he doesn’t find anything check the following.
    If your potency continues decline, you may want to look into how Internet porn can cause drop in erections, and eventually ED.

    Erectile Dysfunction and Porn:

    This link has many sub-links and stories of ED and recovery: “Is my erectile dysfunction (ED) related to my porn use?”

    This a Psychology Today article: Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction Is A Growing Problem

    As Porn Goes Up, Performance Goes Down?