Erectile Dysfunction a 12 months soon after circumcision?

Question: Erectile Dysfunction a 12 months right after circumcision?
I have a male good friend who in no way had any erection problems ahead of getting circumsized. In late 2012 he received the method carried out. Almost everything healed fine. He explained sex was a small distinct, but nothing at all to be upset more than. Quickly forward a 12 months later. Now he has a difficult time obtaining erect and when it does get erect, it doesn’t last lengthy. Did his circumcision perform a position in this? Other than viagra, what does 1 do to aid treatment the issue?


Response by Merlin
Without having health-related details it really is tough to say.

Circumcision removes a lot of the nerve endings in the penis
some sources say it can be 75%
so it has to make a distinction, in spite of claims to the contrary.

When it is accomplished in early childhood the brain compensates
but with grownup cirks the brain does not have the time to do this.

Viagra is meant for outdated men. It isn’t going to constantly work for younger guys.


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9 thoughts on “Erectile Dysfunction a 12 months soon after circumcision?

  1. Your friend caused the problem with his regressive and dumb procedure. There is nothing he can do other to try those pills.

  2. Yes, circumcision can cause erectile dysfunction.

    Male genital mutilation is serious damage to the penis. Circumcised men are at least 3 times more likely to have erectile dysfunction and 5 times more likely to have premature ejaculation issues than intact men. Then circumcised men also have more orgasm difficulties due to the loss of nerves. Plus, the reduction of sensitivity in the penis and the keratinization of the glans contribute to erectile dysfunction. Your male friend may have erectile issues due to not having enough skin to accommodate an erection. It common for male genital mutilation to remove the skin needed to obtain an erection for sufficient amount of time.

    It obvious that altering the form of the penis, alters the function of the penis. The penis is a mobile organ because of its foreskin. A penis without its foreskin is more prone to friction during sexual intercourse and masturbation. The conclusion is that the circumcised penis does not function the same way the intact penis functions. This mutilation has massively impaired the function of your male friend’s penis.

    Your male friend could try a process known as foreskin restoration. It’s when a man pulls on his shaft skin to stimulate skin expansion. This process takes a long time to accomplish, but it won’t repair lost structures and lost nerves. Within several months of your male friend tugging on his penile skin, he will have enough skin to accommodate an erection.

  3. Of course it does pay a role in it. Damaging a penis damages sexual feeling and function.

    “Adultswho undergo circumcision report less-satisfying sex, reduced sensitivity AND ERECTILE FUNCTION, difficulty with intromission and increased premature ejaculation.”
    ——-from Nature Clinical Practice Urology 20 January 2009

    There are no standards to male gental mutilation, called circumcison. The depth/location of the wounds to the penis vary wildly, and the neural/vascular damage varies with the wounds. It’s one of the reasons for the high usage if ED drugs in the USA. The keratinization of the penis, in areas meant to be covered naturally by the foreskin, further reduces sexual feeling slowly, inexorably for the rest of the victim’s lifetime.

    Circumcision is a fraud and a hoax.

    A foreskin is not a birth defect; it is a birthright.


  4. yes i would say that his circumcison did play a part in his problem. The foreskin is put there to protect the Glans of the penis the sensistive part with a lot of nerve endings. the foreskin is there to protect the glans from rubbing on his clothing or drying out the foreskin keeps it covered and moist all of this contributes to loss of sensitivity on the glans. Cause and Effect the cause is circumcison the effect ED

    Uncircumcised dude

  5. Every circumcision is different. There’s no standard way of doing it. In every case, it is unnatural.

    Circumcision shouldn’t affect the erection of men. Circumcised men can still get erections and get sexually aroused.

    The big difference, however, is that because their foreskin/penis skin doesn’t move, it means the skin is very tight.

    For an uncircumcised, natural penis, the movable foreskin/penis skin is actually an important part of sexuality, because you can use the foreskin to get an erection. If you move it, you can stimulate an erection. That is more difficult to do with a circumcised penis because it doesn’t move anymore.

    Also, the sensations are lessened when circumcised.

  6. His circumcision did indeed play a role in this issue. The foreskin protects the glans (head) from becoming dry and numb. The glans is a mucous membrane and is not meant to be exposed to the outside environment for too long. This decrease in sensitivity gets worse over time, which is why he starting noticing dramatic problems a year later. The glans also develops a layer of keratin onto itself that gets thicker as the glans is exposed to the outside environment for longer periods of time, which also decreases sensitivity. This is also why the US, which is around 4.5% of the world’s population, consumes around 47% of the world’s Viagra. This is also why Israel, where circumcision is even more prevalent, sells Viagra over the counter.

    As for what you boyfriend can do about it, he has the option of growing back a substitute foreskin with tissue expansion. As crazy as this sounds, it is possible, and it will cause the glans to regain its sensitivity. Even a substitute foreskin will allow the glans to regain moisture and shed the layer of keratin that is reducing sensitivity.

  7. Yes. The foreskin has alot of blood flow to it, and without the special nerves, he will have a harder time trying to get aroused.

    What merlin said about the brain compensating is true, but im 17 and i’m already starting to feel the effects of being circumcised. IT’s not necessarily hard to keep up, but it’s hard getting aroused, my penis has no pleasurable sensations, but every so often i will have a good day and be able to sort of enjoy masturbating.

    Im waiting for regenerative medicine to fix my problem which i believe may be around in a few years.

  8. Medial professionals (many of whom are cut) are in denial and do not explain how bad the sexual loss can be. The parts that are cut off the MALE are some of the most highly innervated parts of the human. A whole range of sensation and sexual and protective function are lost. The lips, fingertips and nipples have similar touch sense.

    KNOW what you would get if you cut off parts of your penis. A study in the International Journal of Men’s Health noted that circumcised men have a 4.5 times greater chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction. than natural men. Other studies have previously observed that circumcision’s damage results in worsened erectile functioning, inability to maintain an erection, and reducing the glans sensitivity, including an overall penis sensitivity reduction by 75%. There are other studies as well..

    The knowledge of the this WOUNDING affecting sexual pleasure and function goes back years so there is NO IF as to SEXUAL HARM, it is a matter of HOW BAD IS IT for any particular guy. THE REAL ISSUE is the loss of THOUSANDS of nerves in the inner foreskin, in particular the loss of the sensitive ridged band.

    The misinformation about the mutilation needs to end.