Query: Erections?
How can i keep away from getting erections in the course of health club class in the pool and in the showers. yes I am gay and a man


Response by Navid C
dont search at the other folks……….

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7 thoughts on “Erections?

  1. masturbate before u come to skool, if that doesnt work, just think about girls with big boobs and a nice puussy. that should help u out.

  2. Hello my gay friend, the best advice I can give you is that, alot of people, even the straight ones have trouble keeping their erections down. Whenever cold air hits me, i start to get hard. Just try to focus your mind on other things, neutral things, breathing etc. In the pool it shouldn’t be a big deal, but in the showers, try to focus your mind elsewhere. Even the straight guys are worried about getting hard and getting called “gay”. I’m sure you’ll be fine!

  3. just don’t think about the other guys penis or turn where u can’t see any of them.