How to get harder ERECTIONS?

Query: How to get more difficult ERECTIONS?
I am 13 and i want to train my penis muscle from know to allow me get a more difficult ERECTION & it must lasts for longer. Is there any workout actions for me to get a Harder ERECTION?
Can i start from now?
Does it have any side result to my Penis (illustration: Premature Ejaculations)?
What triggers the penis to Ejaculate sperm?


Reply by Carlos
the penis is an organ not a muscle!

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  1. First, to get harder erections, you have to exercise the muscles or get more turned on.
    The exercise I speak of is not masturbation. When you pee, the PC muscle that controls how you start and stop the urine, also affects blood flow to the penis which in turns gives you bigger erections. To increase blood flow, you want to sqeeze and hold the “PC” muscle for 20 seconds at a time 10-15 times throughout the day. This is about the only way physically to get bigger erections at your age.

  2. Either do what Bryan says or masterbate until cumming.Hold it. Do this several time. Controls the climax. Keeps thinghs hard. Have fun trying

  3. ı recently turned 41 and was diagnosed with prostatitis. once cured from that ı experienced very soft erections for about a month. ı experienced that same symptom several months prior to that, but it wasn’t as consistent. my dr. suggested me Prolargent5X5 Extreme sample and ı took one. ı felt the affects about 15 minutes later and it was amazing! ı’ve read some other reviews where users felt like they were 20 again, and it’s 100% true! ıt was solid, thicker and longer (from the fullness) like ı used to be. my wife accused me of trying to hurt her lol. Use it when you are 18 years of age.