is it erectile dysfunction, please aid.?

Query: is it erectile dysfunction, please support.?
kk so ive been possessing intercourse with the identical girl for two years. im always difficult even just before we start producing out. we broke up. meet my highschool sweat heart but couldnt get it up. even when she was entirely naked. ultimately received this woman ive talking for 3 months and… practically nothing. they the two type of just laid there tho. they are 18, 17,im 19. i got them naked but i got nothing at all. im frightened. i do celebration a whole lot so i drink and smoke. havent workout for months. i rest like three maybe 4 hours a day. im truly worried guys so any help at all any advice would be tremendously appreciated.
yes I do knowledge erections when they touch me or start rubbing my entire body. Ill wake up in the morning with an erection as well. if it is psychological how can i fix this. would i have to obtain a lot more confidence?


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sounds like overall performance anxiousness
sounds like ex girlfriend concerns.

Okay solution get some STIFF NIGHTS. critically that stuff is the bomb for sustaining an erection. I am forty despite my profile and vacuum pump. from the vacuum pumping, I think I may have broken some blood vessels -in spite of the warnings I like to pump and overpump. Even so prior to Stiff Nights I was not preserving a böner for any sexual encounters (I am bi-sexual acquire me one thing and I am sexual lol) I am stocking up on this crap because I feel that when the pharmaceuticals get wind of this stuff they are gonna sue and have them to reformulate and it’s not gonna be as effective◙

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  1. The reason is probably psychological.
    But before we can answer you I’d be interested whether you experience erections at night or a morning erection. If so, then the whole erectile mechanism (vessels, nerves etc.) is working properly and the cause is in your psychological functioning.