Low intercourse drive and feeling of impotence?

Question: Minimal intercourse drive and feeling of impotence?
I am a 31 yr outdated male. nonetheless single. had *** just 3 times in my existence time. last time i had it this feb. it didnt go well. prior to that i was going by way of a main emotional dilemma of my daily life. even just before that feb incident i started feeling a decline in my intercourse drive. following that it was like all time headache…constantly fearing that i have lost my malehood. i been into porn throughout the last 12 months, and did watch it significantly.
these days i really feel as if i have misplaced attraction for girls and i concern i wont get erection when i go to woman or could be have a problems in obtaining and maintaining and erection.
can anybody inform me whats going on? is it depression (as they say)? is it age? is it as well considerably pron? will items get better if marry and commence obtaining intercourse at typical intervals?


Solution by Tom
It could be depression. I am going through the same problem and come to locate out I have a reduced testosterone level. Go to the medical professional and have it tested. A couple of shots and you will be a new man.

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