Masturbation with soft erections?

Question: Masturbation with soft erections?
sometimes i masturbate with soft erections(generally 2nd or 3rd time in a day)….frequently for the duration of the 3rd masturbation session i fail to get complete erection,is this a overall health issue?.Will this sort of masturbation without having full erection result in any significant problems in future ???
plz help.thank you.
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Response by Future Doctor
No, masturbating with a soft erection will not result in issues in the potential. It really is not like you are never ready to achieve a regular, company erection. Right after masturbating two and 3 times in a day, your physique needs a rest, as a result the cause your erections aren’t extremely firm. It truly is absolutely nothing that minimizing the sum of masturbation per day won’t assist. Alternatively of doing it 3 occasions a day, decrease it to two. Perhaps masturbate after when you very first awake in the morning and the other in the evening when you’re about to go to rest. That way your body has a lot of hrs to chill out prior to you try yet again.
There is nothing to worry about but you have to comprehend that your body demands a break from masturbating just like it does when you do guide labor. You may nonetheless be ready to execute the deed, but it will take much a lot more work and issues like getting a firm erection will be gone.
Preserve your self occupied for the duration of the day so that you do not have the urge to masturbate so usually. The busier you are, the a lot more likely you are to not consider about masturbating, as a result allowing your body to respond greater when comes time for you to do so. Hope this assists.

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3 thoughts on “Masturbation with soft erections?

  1. There is a small risk that some semen could back up into the bladder resulting in a bladder or a kidney infection. It is best to do it when you are fully erect. If you feel any pain or discomfort after doing it you should do it only when erect.

  2. hi,nice to meet you ,well its just that your doing it to much an don’t let your body rest up thats al,l an no it will not hurt you in the long run ok just do it less ,its good to know your ok an doing well to ,e-mail me when you can an lets talk its been a while since we talked ok bye take care to ok see you soon

  3. This is not a health problem.
    First time Solid? second time will and can be like first time if you wait 30 minutes, but when you start second time think of something sexual and go at it so slow and explore your body and ecen see how long you can stay before you start to loose it and then give it attention again. Rub your area under your member . So for second and 3rd time try this approach. Maybe even you will do it 4 times.

    Now for the honest to god truth, A post below mentions about sperm entering the bladder, this is true because of a flap not opening, this usuall happens instead of a wet dream.

    When you release yourself the first time is a bazuka, right? Second is a litttle less and third is a pistol. Well your body only maked enough sperm for the day and you can use it all up in a row, such as in tha early morning, but late at night your body has made more so it will work again. So if you get dry and do not mind a orgasm without ejaculation do it and remember later in life you might get ED and not get hard at all, maybe a girl is putting too much pressure on your mind and this will happen. So again remember a good session and you should get hard.