Questions and Answers: what give guys random erections?

Query: what give guys random erections?
like at school…when i see them, i believe they may well have an erection. like at P.E. (fitness center) class, when theyy’re sporting fitness center shorts. im guessing its less difficult to see an erection through fitness center shorts, cuz i see bulges in some of them…is that an erection?? and why?? is it just an uncontrolled, random erection, or is anything really turning them on?


Solution by Pete, the Repeater
blood flow (the same for any man)
sexual feelings, wishes

unsolicited info:
there are 3 varieties of erections:
1) Psychogenic
2) Reflexogenic
3) Spontaneous

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  1. it’s the fact that they’re alive and breathing.

    We’re programmed to procreate. And if the penis even THINKS it has a chance to do this, a stiffie appears.

    And sometimes, it’s just cause the guy has a big package that you see a bulge. An erection would look more like a tent with a point to it.

  2. When guys are wearing gym shorts it’s not likely they’re having erections. Those shorts are simply thin and tight. Not much there to hide a penis. Why would you be down watching the guys anyway? LOL

  3. There are occasions, situations, phrases that just make it happen. Frankly, it sometimes seems (more often than not) that it has a mind of its own, rising at the most inappropriate moment!

  4. Random erections are caused by surging hormones inside a boy’s body during puberty. Erections don’t always happen because a boy is turned on or horny—it’s just his hormones at work. It is something they cannot control, unless they masturbate frequently. By masturbating they are reducing the amount of erections they have. But that doesn’t stop them from not ever having an erection.

    And don’t look at their bulge. That’s kind of disrespectful. Having an random erection during school, especially if it’s noticable, is very embarrassing. Avert your eyes so you don’t humiliate the boy who’s having one.


  5. Incidental contact, like wearing boxers and running in P.E., can cause erections even when sex is not on a guy’s mind.

  6. Yes, it can be random. Teens probably sport wood 20x a day, for reason, or no reason.

    A bulge could be a ‘big package’ or an erection. And they don’t have to point straight out to be an erection. Depending upon size, angle, and shape, and what he’s wearing, they can go in any direction.

  7. Random?

    Generally hormones during puberty. They’re called spontaneous erections, and they can happen for absolutely random reasons. They’ll stop eventually. I mean, they’ll still get the and it’s not like they’re controlled. Guys just can’t give themselves erections (well, technically they can, but it’s not voluntary. They have to think about something to give it to themselves)

    Some guys get erections in locker rooms naturally though. Again, it’s involuntary and it’s not like they mean for it to happen. It just happens. Hormones and such.

  8. the reason the guys get erection becuase of puberty it happens thoughout the stages….and if its a round bulge it probabbly they have a big”you know what”…..but if its like a stick comming out then… you already know… and its probably nothing turning them on..and why are you looking at that area

  9. Thinking about the wrong thing at the wrong time; maybe looking at someone you like.

  10. It can b very random and 4 no reason at all it happens. Guys cant control when it happens or make it stop and yes, it can b very embarrasing when u r wearing gym shorts. But let me tell u that if u r hot u will probably never b talking 2 a guy that isnt hard!! I M me and we can find out!

  11. Hormones, puberty, the sun can up, the wind is blowing. Anything can give a young man a erection. You could be seeing erections when they are wearing gym shorts or just a well endowed male. If young men would wear jock straps it would tend to hide the buldge.