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Inquiries and Answers: I have a question about Sildenafil?

Question: I have a question about Sildenafil? Im 25, I do not ED. I just want to see if it does make you last longer. I just want to take it just one particular time as a experiment but I’m scared trigger this is my lifestyle that I’m messing with. Is it secure to take just this when? It’s 100mg, …Read more »

Inquiries about Viagra?


Question: Queries about Viagra? Hello, I just ordered the 50mg from The MED Shop . com and it will be my 1st time trying them. I wished to ask these who have knowledgeable taking Viagra just a number of questions so I can prepare myself for the “shock.” 1. Soon after you, personally, have taken Viagra, how long does it …Read more »

What brings about Male Erectile Disfunction?

Question: What triggers Male Erectile Disfunction? What are the leads to of Male Erectile Disfunction? Does it have anything to do with Masturbation? Solution: Solution by sophiebnope, doesn’t have anything at all to do with masturbation. Often specified medications (like for diabetes) or medication (marajuana) will give ED, even high blood pressure. But sometimes it occurs when a spouse gets …Read more »

Query about Erection Problems?

Question: Question about Erection Problems? So up till the earlier October I would get erections just as considerably as any other teen. Nonetheless, because then I have not really been in a position to get one if I attempt. If I do it truly is generally not complete. I’m attracted to females, or atleast I usually have been lol. But …Read more »

Query about Erections!?


by The British Library Question: Question about Erections!? I’m rather young to ask this things (14) But when guys get turned on they get erections…… How tough is it to get an erection? Can you manage it? Can you get an erection just by sitting by a person or trying to kiss them or even just by saying words….? And …Read more »

Queries about erectile dysfunction?

Query: Inquiries about erectile dysfunction? I’m 29. Consume healthier, workout regularly. I have been getting difficulties with receiving an erection. I thought it was all the bicycle riding I’ve carried out (five hours per week) but I have given that cut down on the bike riding and the issue has continued to get worse. I’m American and have been residing …Read more »

A query about impotence…?

Query: A question about impotence…? I know that when a man wakes up in the morning, it is organic and regular, and maybe involuntary for him to have an errection. But if he is impotent, is it even now feasible to have an errection in the morning? Thanks for you solutions. Solution: Reply by bgee2001caIt is very achievable, and it …Read more »

what brings about impotence?


Question: what brings about impotence? Reply: Reply by kris Dcurrently being with ugly ladies What do you believe? Response beneath! A Water Drop Crucial Oil treats Erectile Dysfunction (ED) successfully and oral medicine Free. Prolong Intercourse time AT When. Improves Prostatitis, Cystitis with… Video Rating: 5 / five

Question about nocturnal erections?


by The British Library Question: Query about nocturnal erections? Sorry for getting clueless on this subject, but i am a girl and ive never heard guys speak much about this. Ive heard guys gets boners every night for the duration of the REM phase of their sleep and I have a few inquiries about it that Ive never ever gotten …Read more »