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SILDENAFIL CITRATE….?? Generic Viagra?

Question: SILDENAFIL CITRATE….?? Generic Viagra? Hey guys I want your help, I am 27 and not too long ago married and suffering Erectile disfunction ! Are there any ON-Line Co’s in South Africa who will provide Sildenafil or International Co’s who will ship to me ? Response: Answer by ~**84**~Will not depend on drugs. Individuals are not real. you just …Read more »

Use & success of sildenafil citrate in PAH/PPH sufferers?

Query: Use & success of sildenafil citrate in PAH/PPH individuals? My wife struggling from PPH/PAH with RVH because 1980. She was on Nefidepine 20mg retard BD + Lasilactone one tab day-to-day. Last week her Cadiologist began sildenafil citrate 25mg BD & will enhance to TDS dose of 25mg + Nifedipine20mg BD + Asprine 150mg 1 tab. Solution: Reply by ShaynaMajor …Read more »

sildenafil citrate & herbal tablets?

Question: sildenafil citrate & herbal tablets? what are the sildenafil citrate tables i can get in nearby health care shop, Pls tips..Also let me know the herbal tablests avilibile for erectile dysfunction Solution: Response by oldtimekid2Effectively, according to http://www.drugs.com/pdr/sildenafil-citrate.html it is the generic title of Revatio, which “is employed to deal with large blood stress in the lungs (pulmonary arterial …Read more »