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Concerns and Answers: Medicine to manage erections?


by The British Library Query: Medicine to manage erections? I am a male (nude) model I often encounter the troubles of beginning to get an erection when I’m in a pose. Is there a medication I could consider that would keep me from obtaining erections? Solution: Solution by I dislike Y!A Trolls. get a lifeclean the pipes. honestly, it functions. …Read more »

Concerns and Answers: Does Risperdal Trigger Long lasting Impotence?


Question: Does Risperdal Cause Everlasting Impotence? SWIM took risperdal for a misdiagnosis of OCD b/c he had continual head discomfort. He was given SSRIs max dose and RIsperal 6mg/day b/c the psychiatrist stated absolutely nothing worked for the discomfort and she did not think him that it was genuine. As a result he took the drug for six months at …Read more »

Concerns and Answers: Erections??

Query: Erections?? I have been getting weird erections lately. I am 13. Puberty?? and i have been obtaining them to weird factors. like gay fantatsies.. BUT I”M NOT GAY!! typical? Reply: Reply by Kat AHun, its puberty. Know better? Leave your own reply in the feedback!

Concerns and Solutions: Do i have erectile dysfunction?

Question: Do i have erectile dysfunction? Okay so anytime ppl flirt with me sexually i often turn them down due to the fact im afraid i wont be able to get hard. When i get an erection i get lengthy and hardish but im not like difficult as a rock. And since im often a tiny anxious about sex, i …Read more »

Concerns and Answers: Controversial Situation-Impotence, Circumcision?

Query: Controversial Case-Impotence, Circumcision? Im rly sorry didnt know how to edit my prev question to include this so right here is a website link to my question which had Really controversial solutions creating me nervous not knowing whats real http://answers.yahoo.com/query/_ylc=X3oDMTE1aThkdWZ2BF9TAzIxMTU1MDAxMTgEc2VjA2Fuc19ub3QEc2xrA2Fuc21vcmU-_ylv=three?qid=20080502080753AA1V4Wb please answer to me if you are Confident about it and if ready, inform me what the true cons …Read more »

Concerns and Solutions: Impotence right after one-time Adderall pill?

Query: Impotence following one-time Adderall pill? Last September, my good friend slipped an Adderall pill into a sizzling chocolate, and I drank it unknowingly! Needless to say, I have been really annoyed with my buddy… But let’s get to the level! I look to suffer impotence ever since that 1 time dose of Adderall. I have not been prescribed adderall, …Read more »

Concerns and Solutions: can male hormones assist with impotence troubles?


Question: can male hormones support with impotence troubles? will taking testosterone boosters assist in this case? Answer: Solution by micksmixxxONLY if you happen to be lacking testosterone production typically, my buddy. Even then it nevertheless Could not successfully ‘cure’ the dilemma. I would advise that you speak with your medical doctor so that s/he can arrange exams to discover out …Read more »