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can masturbation lead to impotence and stroke?

Query: can masturbation cause impotence and stroke? it can damage some brain cell which support as in maintaining issues in thoughts Answer: Answer by Jasmine szakmarycertain can. Give your response to this question under!

can lower thyroid lead to impotence?

Query: can lower thyroid cause impotence? hello. im a 20 yr outdated male. i observed a weakening in my erection strength for the previous 10 months. very slowly it declined and is at an all time minimal. i can barely have intercourse. i had bloodwork accomplished and my thyroid is underactive. my tsh is at 4 occasionally 6. i have …Read more »

Can Finasteride lead to impotence?

Query: Can Finasteride cause impotence? I just turned 24 and have been taking finasteride for hair reduction because October 2009.. I never ever had any problems up until finally all around March when I couldn’t maintain an erection and had premature ejaculation. I had also been taking Jacked3d at the time and heard that can cause some sexual side effects, …Read more »

Can cigarette smoking lead to impotence?

Query: Can cigarette smoking lead to impotence? Reply: Answer by mcdannellsI have not herd of this. Alcohol can…. Give your solution to this question beneath!