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can masturbation lead to impotence and stroke?

Query: can masturbation cause impotence and stroke? it can damage some brain cell which support as in maintaining issues in thoughts Answer: Answer by Jasmine szakmarycertain can. Give your response to this question under!

Masturbation with soft erections?

Question: Masturbation with soft erections? sometimes i masturbate with soft erections(generally 2nd or 3rd time in a day)….frequently for the duration of the 3rd masturbation session i fail to get complete erection,is this a overall health issue?.Will this sort of masturbation without having full erection result in any significant problems in future ??? plz help.thank you. wow great reply future …Read more »

did masturbation makes penis tiny & impotence?

Query: did masturbation makes penis tiny & impotence? hi my buddy is male and now he is 30, he utilized to masturbate 4 occasions in a week previous 15 many years, he commenced at the age of 14, his penis size when erection is only 5inch’s. Is he impotent.On march his marriage is engaged. Can he survive with the 5inch’s …Read more »

Masturbation triggers impotence?

Question: Masturbation causes impotence? Reply: Response by Wembley34WHAT? Which is a single of those myths they tell you to try out to get you to not do it.. It does not lead to impotence, nor blindness, nor hairy palms… It will have no unwell effects. Give your reply to this question beneath! http://www.naturalenlargment.com Find out how you can enlarge your …Read more »