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is it erectile dysfunction, please aid.?

Query: is it erectile dysfunction, please support.? kk so ive been possessing intercourse with the identical girl for two years. im always difficult even just before we start producing out. we broke up. meet my highschool sweat heart but couldnt get it up. even when she was entirely naked. ultimately received this woman ive talking for 3 months and… practically …Read more »

How to confirm on impotence? Please assist!!!?


Query: How to confirm on impotence? Please help!!!? Hello! I am 24 yrs old. Received married 5 months back (arranged marriage). My marriage is not consummated but. I had few doubts so i consulted a doctor in Dubai and as per the healthcare reports and the medical doctor, he is largely suffering from erectile dysfunction which is partially induced by …Read more »

Im encountering impotence please support?


Query: Im experiencing impotence please aid? I am taking focalin and I am 16 years old. Ive been taking it because august and I can get somewhat of a boner but i cant sustain it. like when my girlfriend rubs my penis, I do not know what to do I come to feel so shitty about this, I also recognize …Read more »

Erectile Disfunction? Please aid?

Query: Erectile Disfunction? Please assist? Me and my gf have been having sex for about three months now and 75% of the time I go limp appropriate prior to we are about to have intercourse. Also I ejaculate at times inside a few sections. I have been getting sex for about 5 years and this has only occurred to me …Read more »