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Is it safe for women to take Kamagra oral jelly. Will it have the very same result as female viagra?

Question: Is it secure for ladies to consider Kamagra oral jelly. Will it have the very same impact as female viagra? Answer: Response by DR + Mrs Bears encounterIf you have a great lover you never need viagra. If you never have a very good lover then taking kamagra jelly or viagra won’t make any distinction. Give your answer to …Read more »

Does Taurine result in impotence in men?

Query: Does Taurine cause impotence in males? I have heard that too considerably Taurine can lead to impotence? Has any individual else heard of this? Answer: Solution by Nathan HThere are a number of claims about Taurine which includes that it aids impotence. Truly, there is no evidence that would assistance the declare that Taurine either cures or causes impotence. …Read more »

Does smoking result in impotence?

Query: Does smoking trigger impotence? Does smoking lead to impotence?, & if yes, does quitting smoking remedy it? Answer: Answer by JNSIt can, but it is not the only trigger of impotence. Nicotine brings about the vessels to constrict, decreasing the blood movement to the penis, inhibiting erection. If you do smoke quit!!! What do you feel? Reply beneath!



Question: DOES LORTAB Result in IMPOTENCE? DOES LORTAB Cause IMPOTENCE IN Males IF TAKEN HEAVLY Reply: Answer by FrankyIn the prescription there should be a hint if so. So read through the manual and than you know it, most possibly they compose that in some specific cases the threat of impotence is given, so there is no common component that …Read more »

Questions and Answers: Can a vasectomy result in erectile disfunction?

Question: Can a vasectomy result in erectile disfunction? My husband and I are striving to weigh the pros and cons of a vasectomy vs. tubal ligation. Is it attainable that erectile disfunction could be a side result of a vasectomy. Response: Solution by bandit_60if he could get it up ahead of then he will be in a position once more. …Read more »