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Can cigg smoking cause impotence?

Question: Can cigg smoking result in impotence? I just quit recently and observed that i am no longer possessing impotence. If i knew this ahead of i would have tried to quit sooner. Is it true of males to get impotent? Response: Answer by itsjennbabyyi’ve really heard about that somewhere, and i feel you’re appropriate. smoking leads to impotency. Know …Read more »

Does smoking result in impotence?

Query: Does smoking trigger impotence? Does smoking lead to impotence?, & if yes, does quitting smoking remedy it? Answer: Answer by JNSIt can, but it is not the only trigger of impotence. Nicotine brings about the vessels to constrict, decreasing the blood movement to the penis, inhibiting erection. If you do smoke quit!!! What do you feel? Reply beneath!

Can cigarette smoking lead to impotence?

Query: Can cigarette smoking lead to impotence? Reply: Answer by mcdannellsI have not herd of this. Alcohol can…. Give your solution to this question beneath!