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Concerns and Answers: Does Risperdal Trigger Long lasting Impotence?


Question: Does Risperdal Cause Everlasting Impotence? SWIM took risperdal for a misdiagnosis of OCD b/c he had continual head discomfort. He was given SSRIs max dose and RIsperal 6mg/day b/c the psychiatrist stated absolutely nothing worked for the discomfort and she did not think him that it was genuine. As a result he took the drug for six months at …Read more »

Can Wellbutrin (bupropion) trigger impotence?


Question: Can Wellbutrin (bupropion) cause impotence? Just started out taking Wellbutrin xL 150mg three weeks ago. I noticed this previous weekend that I wasnt ready to preserve an erection, and at somet factors, get an erection at all. When I was capable to attain orgasm, it was weak and I misplaced my erection soon following. This was not a issue …Read more »

Can Finasteride trigger impotence?


Question: Can Finasteride cause impotence? I just turned 24 and have been taking finasteride for hair reduction because October 2009.. I in no way had any troubles up right up until around March when I couldn’t maintain an erection and had premature ejaculation. I had also been taking Jacked3d at the time and heard that can trigger some sexual side …Read more »

what is the trigger of impotence?


Query: what is the lead to of impotence? help me!!!!!!!!!!! pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Response: Reply by NoccieLots of things lead to erectile dysfunction, including diabetes. You need to consult a urologist to determine the lead to and talk about appropriate treatment method. Know much better? Depart your own reply in the comments! Element a single of the Admirals speech until the microphone …Read more »