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Vasectomy Erectile Dysfunction?

Query: Vasectomy Erectile Dysfunction? My boyfriend had a vasectomy accomplished all around 7 years ago….he just recently got divorced and has been with me for a couple of months now…..he says that he has had this issue soon after he acquired the vasectomy done….his ex-wife is a hefty female and he said that she did not turn him on and …Read more »

Questions and Answers: Can a vasectomy result in erectile disfunction?

Question: Can a vasectomy result in erectile disfunction? My husband and I are striving to weigh the pros and cons of a vasectomy vs. tubal ligation. Is it attainable that erectile disfunction could be a side result of a vasectomy. Response: Solution by bandit_60if he could get it up ahead of then he will be in a position once more. …Read more »